MCM Comic Con London, October 2018

      MCM Comic Con London, October 2018

      I am posting this thread as I am in the process of planning to make my next public appearance at this fall's MCM Comic Con London, October 2018 event as my kig, Irina Shidou.

      October 26-28th 2018

      ExCeL Arena
      Royal Victoria Dock
      1 Western Gateway
      London E16 1XL

      I have opened up a dedicated channel for this event on my shared* Discord server if anyone is interested.
      * You must have a verified mobile phone attached to your account to be able to write to any channel, otherwise you can only read content.

      EDIT: Amended link to relevant KigurumiOnline calendar.
      EDIT 2: Added link to the relevant website for purchasing tickets.

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      Steady on there, I have only pencilled this event on my own calendar as I am still familiarising myself with the London Tube Network as, prior to this, I have had no business in London.

      I don't plan to stay in one spot and of course I will have a handler with me. That reminds cards...

      As for what outfit...well that depends on whether Irina's Battle Suit arrives before the event. If it doesn't, then I will use the same outfit I used at MCM Comic Con Birmingham back in March.

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      Tickets are now available for this event.

      Please note that this is an event that can have attendance in excess of over 100,000 and gets the most coverage than any MCM event in the United Kingdom; so if you are thinking of attending this one as a kig/cosplayer, be extra ready for it!

      Reminder: If you have an account on the Discord platform, a dedicated discussion channel is open for this event on The Animegao Circle Discord Server.
      I’ve been to MCM expo in London as a day visitor in Cosplay many times, you don’t have to display the wristband at all times.

      Basically it works like this, if you’ve bought a ticket in advance (don’t whatever you do try to pay on the day, the queues are nightmarish) you queue to get it scanned and then they’ll give you your wristband and help you put it on there and then. They are paper with a self-adhesive strip and are actually quite strong, you need scissors to get out of them. After you’ve got in the Excel centre (MCM expo is so big these day’s they take up the entire Excel Centre, which is so big it has 2 stops on the DLR) you don’t need to display it again. I’ve worn cosplays with gloves several times and kept it hidden under them. The only time they ask to see your wrist band is if you re-enter. A lot of Cosplay and photography happens on the grounds outside, specially outside the West entrance, so people go inside and out. Security people will check your bands when you try to come back in, but apart from that nobody has ever asked to see mine and I’ve kept it covered up.

      I’ve seen Kigs at MCM expo and wild huge cosplays like Imperial Space Marines and Aliens and so on and they managed the wrist band thing, so its not impossible, just difficult. I assume people who have really complex costumes get rooms in the nearby hotels and a weekend wristband.

      I guess if you went up the ticket check in already in your hadatai they’ll put the band over it I guess and you’ll be OK… well until you needed to get out of the suit and then you’ll have to cut the band. Other than that removable gloves, either skin coloured or part of the costume.

      I’ll probably be there in October, but most likely in regular crossplay, not kig, due to the fact mine isn’t finished yet and the logistical problems of getting there on public transport.

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      Security people will check your bands when you try to come back in, but apart from that nobody has ever asked to see mine and I’ve kept it covered up.

      You see, that is exactly the problem. I'm this skeptical because I have never been to this venue/location before; infact, I've never been into London before because I have never had any legitimate reason for even going there.

      I just want peace of mind in the end because I have a developing track record of running foul of policies like the aforementioned. I may have been lucky the first time earlier this year, but I'm not counting on my lucky stars to pull through a second time.

      I am not willing to travel already wearing most of my costume, as ideally don't want any stamps/markings on any part of my outfit...and I do not want to stick out like a sore thumb on the rail network.

      Also, forget about hotels: I only have enough psychological capacity of doing the one day and plan to leave and return home on the same day.

      I have replied to an initial response I made on Monday about this just after 9am (Tuesday) in hope to try and see if MCM managment have other options available, but I haven't received a response since. If by roughly 3pm tomorrow (Wednesday) they haven't responded, I will telephone them, quote my original enquiry ID, and ask why I didn't get a response.

      ...Has nobody ever considered lanyards these days?...

      If you are going (confirmed that is), you may want to get in contact with Nico Robin.

      BritKig wrote:

      ..Has nobody ever considered lanyards these days?...

      The obvious reason why they put bands on your body so that you can't get it off is that you can't just give it to someone else.
      They don't need an ID or anything, just secure it.
      If you are too scared to visit any hotel for a night, you can probably forget any con to be honest

      BritKig wrote:

      Also, forget about hotels: I only have enough psychological capacity of doing the one day and plan to leave and return home on the same day.

      I really really really can't press enough that this is a really bad idea.

      Cause you will not handle going at the convention and back and go again and go back home the entire week end, and it also means you are limiting your time at the convention greatly, cause you need the time to get the the station ect ect.

      An hotel is the best thing to have cause you can leave your stuff there safe from any problems, cause i as a handler before i NEVER want to carry around someone's luggage cause they don't want to leave it at the con or don't want to leave it at the luggage storage of the convention.

      So get an hotel cause you'll really not support doing this physically, end up cancelling a day, canceling trains and you'll loose more money than anything.

      The zone around Excell is full of hotels and even inside london, you take the tube and go up to it.

      Another thing about the hotel is that, if there is any problems, from the train company, Network Rail or anything and you can't go home, you'll be happy to sleep in a comfy bed away from home at night.

      TenshiMio wrote:

      I really really really can't press enough that this is a really bad idea.

      I know it's not conventional, even by my own standards; I am serious though that it is not the first time I've done it.

      This may come as a surprise but the nearest train station to my home is only a 10-minute walk away (even I feel that was a mere stroke of luck at the time of moving in). The estimated travel time, including foot journeys is approximately 1h50m, with just one train change-over; so if I were to depart for a ~7:39am* boarding for the first train, I should arrive at the venue at around 9:30*, leaving a good margin of error for any occuring minor delays for standard-level ticket-holders.

      It's not so much the same issue on the return; hell, I could make a eat-in stop at my local fish bar after the last train if my stomach felt up for it after a long physical day. :D

      * Based on National Rail Enquiries estimates