Kig-Themed Commissions for Sale!

      Kig-Themed Commissions for Sale!

      Ahhh... I hope I am allowed to post this since technically it is a non kig/cosplay/anime related product for sale?.. If not then feel free to move this wherever it belongs or I can always delete the thread?

      I've recently started opening up for kigurumi themed commissions, so if you want a custom drawing of you in kig or perhaps a gift for a friend? Well I may be your girl to go to!
      The money earned will be going towards my first custom made Kigurumi mask and Hadatai, I'm only $50 USD away from my final goal! :D (So close but so far-)

      Examples and Prices are as follows.

      Digital/Fully Colored/1 character
      Price Range: $15.00 USD - $25.00 USD

      Digital/Fully Colored/1+ characters (Perfect for you and your friends!)
      Price Range: $30.00 USD - $60.00 USD The price changes on the amount of detail required and the amount of people included!

      I CAN draw NSFW, But obviously won't post or mention that in detail on here. ^^;
      If you are interested in a commission then feel free to comment below or message me! Thank you so much. <3