Hello Friendos~

      Hello Friendos~

      Hello~ I'm Peachie

      I've been lurking around the community since around 2014-2015ish, and have a few close friends who are preformers, one of which is my girlfriend Yuna~

      I only recently was able to scrounge enough money together to get my first character, Aoba. She's been with other preformers under different names, but she's found a forever home with me :3 Our first con together will be in two weeks at Kentokyocon.

      I've wanted to have my own mask for so long and now that I have one it's just surreal. Me & Aoba have had a great time thus far and I look forward to showing her off allot more soon~ I want to get into doing cams, but I'm on the shy side and not sure who would even want to see me ><

      But! If you think I'm cool, I'm fairly active on fb (just search for Peachie Pavus) Looking forward to meeting all of you and becoming more familiar with other kig's

      Thanks for reading my rambling~~
      ❤️ Peachie & Aoba