Project Hikari (Budget kigurumi project)

      I've been looking around for any kind of tips on what type on adhesive to use on the eyes to get them to attach them the mask. I was thinking about using rubber cement or hot glue to attach them but I want a second opinion to help cover all my bases and see if there's anything better. Is there also a certain brush technique to paint the mask so there's no streaks from the brush or roller?

      EDC: Md December
      I'm not sure if this will be any help but it may be possible to make the eyes using 0.5mm perforated metal if you can find a supplier within your budget, that way you could use the whites as a viewport. It can be stuck on using hotglue and should be 1 way transparent (hopefully I'll be able to confirm this soon). Perforated metal is often used as speaker mesh, but it's usually 1mm so the holes would be easier to notice.

      Hope this project goes well, looking forward to seeing the results.
      I haven't really thought about using perforated metal due to it's wight but I'll look into it. My current plan for the eyes are a black mesh under a printed paper layer. It may not be the strongest thing but it will have to work.
      I ran into a bit of a snag in my plans that involves my padding. Due to me underestimating how tough it was to cut 2 in. foam, I learned the hard way that scissors just aren't going to cut it. I may have to resort to using the old kitchen knife due to the fact that I don't have a foam cutter.

      EDC: 12/15/18
      So glad you received your hadatai.
      For eyes rear mounting is the most adaptable. Make the eyes slightly oversized cutting them from the photopaper.
      Remember to cut your port prior to installing the eyes with small strips of tape. I use Gorilla Tape on all my builds.
      For mesh to obscure the holes created by the ports get some sheer black fabric at a fabric store, They will sell you
      small amounts for little cost. Tape the material onto the back of the eyes before mounting them. And yes, this is
      common practice with other maskers from around the world.
      I'm trying to determine the best type of paint to use on the mask but I'm sure that there are better options than interior/wall paint (despite it coming in the color that I need). Anyway I was planning on sanding down the mask and filling it with an ABS goop (ABS scraps + acetone) to help keep the weight down. Two elastic bands will be placed about 3 inches apart from each other on the back to help keep it secure. The inner foam pads will probably be about half an inch thick leaving the mask with a very close fit with my face. I'll probably ether cut out some paper for the eyelashes and eyebrows or paint them on but my drawing skills aren't very good.

      I may have underestimated the bare minimum that the shop that I got my mask materials could sell me and I ended up with enough to make two or three different masks so I may make one of Kagome or Sailor Mercury as practice.

      ETC: December 5th

      Buff55 wrote:

      I'm trying to determine the best type of paint to use on the mask but I'm sure that there are better options than interior/wall paint (despite it coming in the color that I need).

      If there's a car supply shop near you, it might be worth checking if they do colour matching for spraypaint. It's so much easier to work with that than having to brush on interior paint.

      BritKig wrote:

      fill a pair of balloons with water

      lzzrdgrrl wrote:

      rubbery squishy stress balls

      Thanks for the suggestions but nowhere nearby sells those. I finally finished my breast forms. I now just need to finish my hip padding. Something that I noticed though is that I was having a bit of trouble with my shirt's invisible zipper. I'm not sure if there's something that I can do to increase the amount of grip I get without ruining the look.

      I wouldn't worry too much about that area; it's not likely that a butterfly will land there! :D

      But, all-in-all, it's a learning curve itself trying, with such limited vision, to avoid hazards before you even notice them. Whilst Nico Robin was visiting yesterday, I even lost my bearings in my own lounge and fell backwards, luckily on to my couch and not the floor.
      I've sketched out where the eyes are going to be on the mask with the grease pencil tool in blender before I cut out the eyes with the Boolean modifier but I may have to make them smaller. I'm using a template from thingverse as a base for it. I have cut off the back since it's going to be a half shell.
      Link to original model:
      Unfortunately I’m not able to cut out the eyes in blender but I’ll have to resort to melting them in with a soldering iron. I’ll sand around the edges with a P100 grit sandpaper from 3M before painting with Valspar paint and primer mix that I got from Lowe’s. Once that’s dry I’ll glue in the eyes and add the eyebrows and eyelashes.