Project Hikari (Budget kigurumi project)

      It’s fine. I gained some experience and I just have to start over on the mask. It actually doesn’t look that bad with the wig. I’m actually quite pleased with how it turned out for a first attempt even if it is kind of scary looking with the crack created by the shifted layer. I've uploaded a picture to my for DA
      The mask's model was made by @Helenako Chan. I am truly thankful for it because of all the errors that the template was giving me.

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      Sorry to hear the print failed, its not good, esp after such a long print. You could try and cut the shifted section off and then reattach it and cover up the join with filler, but it would be tricky.

      I'd just treat it as learning, even if it did work perfectly you'd probably want to change (maybe the eye's are too far apart and/or the jawline is wrong) and/or resize it a bit anyway, the first print of something that's meant to fit you is rarely perfect.

      When you reprint perhaps think about splitting it into pieces to print (free download Autodesk Meshmixer is good for that), that way you can print most of it without support and speed up the print. From the look of it you printed it flat on the bed, nose facing up. I'd be tempted to slice it into 3 parts, the lower chin, the face and the forehead (that's how I did my masks). The face and the forehead could then be printed vertically (though you do need good bed adhesion for this), possibly with little or no support speeding up the process a lot.

      Also if you get a failure you've only lost a part not the whole. The downside is the extra post processing to cover up the join.
      I don't have any supplies to fuse 3d prints together (Hence why my mask doesn't have ears at the moment). So my only option is to print the mask in one piece for now. The only thing that I may have to change is the eyes because 4 layers of mesh is a little much and the paint job that I did on the eyelashes and eyebrows. Maybe watercolor wasn't the best choice to use on crystalline silica based paint and I'm not an artist so free-handing it probably wasn't a good idea ether.
      Hrmm the mask's brow ridge is a little strong for a cute girl, sorry. May be that should be flattened a bit?

      For eyebrows and lashes, glue them on. My first mask they where made from paper, my second they're cut from sheet styrene (it's more robust and water proof). Cut them from paper, card, craft foam or thin plastic sheet and stick them on, much neater than painting.

      For eyes many, including myself, design them digitally (using Photoshop or similar) and print them out (colour laser or inkjet), easier then painting, digital paint brushes have undo and you can download stuff to start from off the internet, real paint doesn't.

      As for assembling printed parts, if you printed with ABS, acetone welding is the way to go. If you printed PLA then cyanoacrylate (superglue) is good for an initial bond and then reinforce on the inside with 5 minute epoxy resin and then on the outside use filler and sand paper to hide the seam.
      I’ve taken the advice that you guys gave me and attached a strip of Velcro to the top of my mask. Now I just have to figure out how to attach the other piece to the wig. Might try sowing it in through the mesh. Having issues with submitting pictures now. Going to have to figure out how to make the file size smaller.
      Ohnice to see that you are actually doing her because I can't finish mine... also doing Hikari! Everything looks good for now, I would like to see more photos of how is the print, and the complete other parts, but for what I can see now you did very well!
      keep doing!
      ( ^w^)/ hey~

      @Takami Oh. I didn't realize you were doing a Dawn kig. How far did you get? It's actually done for the most part but the wig and hips are the last things that I need to do. I've actually been trying to upload pictures but for some reason they're too large to upload and I don't want to post low res pictures from my 3DS camera. I'm also working on a poketech by using an ardruno an a touchscreen from an old DS Me in the whole suit so far…ukorKqnL26GQYanV7NGvQloXX Mask wip pictures
      I have the head almost done with some small defects but nete better eyelahsed, better eyebrows and a haircut xD
      actually like this
      I need to make glue the eyes too
      also all the costume part, actually I'm planning to do the Platinum version...(not that I would not do the DP too xD)
      You can upload somewhere like in imgur and make an album there!

      oh this poketch idea sound awesome I really want to see the result!

      what with that cut? the printer made a defect? the whole thing is looking nice!
      ( ^w^)/ hey~

      Yea. The printer glitched in the final hours. It took 27 hours for it to print only for that to happen. I might fill it in with some modeling clay or make another mask and repurpose this one for Halloween and be a broken doll. The pokétech is actually a part of a series I’m doing on deviantart that I’m calling Project Replon. Fully functional replicas for cosplay and everyday life is what I’m striving to create with what little engineering knowledge I have.