Solicitation of other forums, websites and servers.

      Solicitation of other forums, websites and servers.

      Please let us know if you are messaged or see posts by anyone spamming you to join other servers. We find this type of behaviour to lack integrity and is quite disrespectful.

      Ask yourself what type of person would come into your "party" and invite your guests to another "better" party. If a person feels they need to "steal" guests (or in this case members) that way it really says something about their core values, questionable ethics and lack of honour and reflects poorly on the people they are representing.

      Many other forums have implemented a No Server Spam policy and regrettably, we find we are now forced to follow suit. Do not spam or advertise other servers or websites without administrative approval or you will be banned.

      Thank you.

      BTW, we have been up and running for over 4 years and this is the first "moderation action" we have ever needed to take.