Doll Mask in Progress!

      Doll Mask in Progress!

      Hey guys! I think it's time to make what I'm working on an official project since things seem to be going well.

      I'm really excited to make this and hopefully to at least get to the painting stage this time! My first fiberglass mask didn't fit on my head, and my second was too big. However, that was well over 4 years ago and I am really hoping I've learned my lesson, haha! Since this mask is a doll mask instead of classic animegao, it is going to be closer to human proportions, resulting in the mask being a lot smaller. I was really inspired by Nukopan's masks so I'm using similar proportions. I also have a small head, so I'm scared it'll still be too big but we'll see. Here's a size comparison to my blurred-out face lol:

      Anyways, I'll try to post updates as they're available. Now I wait for my silicone mix to come in! :)

      (On a side note, the clay will not stop cracking. No matter how many times I fill the cracks, keep a damp towel over it, or work on it using water, it just cracks WHILE i'm working on it. Any suggestions on how to fix that? It's air dry clay.)


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      Alright! So I've made a lot of progress since I last posted. :) I think I'm gonna start fiberglass today!'s documentation of my progress:

      This is the best picture I got of the final sculpt before doing some serious sanding. I'm really happy with it and it makes me so happy to make something I feel confident about.

      When I did start sanding, I used a sanding block, which served its purpose. However I did some fiddling around and I found the BEST sanding tool of all time. 7-sided nail buffers (like this one here)!! I used the buffing and shining sides of it for a lovely marble-like finish. I got that clay sanded so smoothly, that you could nearly see your own reflection in it.

      So smooth and shiny. (Also those scratches aren't actually scratches. Don't know what it is)

      After I sanded it to my liking, I started on the silicone mold!

      First layer

      Used some pharmacy caps for keys on the mold

      Plaster bandages for the shell

      Finished mold!

      On another note, I really screwed up with the plaster bandages. I completely forgot to split it into sections so I could break it apart, so I ended up using a knife to cut the plaster. Unfortunately in the process I cut through the silicone and cut off the tip of the nose because the silicone was too thin. I was able to repair it, but hopefully it’ll hold up!

      The aftermath of the clay sculpt

      Progress of the sculpt

      So I will be starting on the fiberglass today. I went to the hardware store and spent a small fortune on materials so it better serve me well, ha!