5 Tips on How to Survive a Hot and Sticky CON...

  • A couple of weeks ago, AN2016 in Toronto became a main attraction for the cosplay and kigurumi communities. Although it was a great experience for all attendees, it was actually quite hot and humid compared to last year's gathering. Here is my latest Ahri's Diary entry on 5 tips on surviving the heat:

    1) Water - when you are in full zentai, foundation garments, padding, etc. you will inevitably sweat like a pig. I don't know where this idiom comes from considering that pigs only a few sweat glands — compared with more than 2 million in humans. Sorry, I digress. Let's just say that you will lose a lot a water due to perspiration (which can be a bit stinky. Pee-you!! So ladies, please don't forget to apply a generous of deodorant). Staying well hydrated is a must. Water would be a key component. For those that need more calories, there are always sports drinks for considerations.
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    2) Caffeine - stay away from the cup of java or another swig of that dark cola. Caffeine acts as a diuretic; which means that you will need to pee more often. Again, promoting the elimination of fluids instead of retaining it. How annoying and cumbersome it would be to keep stripping out of your entire kig outfit and then to get into it again. For me, getting dressed completely on my own is not possible without help. So, I always end up with a kig washroom buddy.
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    3) Sun - stay in the shade as much as possible. Yes, you'll be tempted to photo bomb everyone left, right and centre because you are wearing the most desirable and authentic kigurumi character cosplay attire. However, you also don't want to bake in your kig ensemble either. Therefore, be aware of your body temperature. I mean, it would be pretty cool for a kig to be photographed on a stretcher in an ambulance - but that would also cut your Anime Convention time short.
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    4) Air - finding a good flow of air is essential. We were fortunate that we had a booth at Anime North. Though there was not a huge bellowing breeze, I was able to find some air by sight believe it or not. Essentially I walked behind all the booths and watched how the fabric was swaying back and forth. The more movement, I figure the more likelihood of catching a breeze. I ended parking a chair in the best possible area and even fell asleep. Apparently there are photographs to prove it..but I hope nobody will post them.
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    5) Take it off - as much as I love Ahri, there are times when I must really take the mask off. Having a mask on does impede your ability to breathe normally. Therefore you will at times need to find a private spot to take it off.
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    If you have any other tips on beating the heat in kig, please comment below. Otherwise please feel free to share my diary entry. <3 <3 Lots of Kigging Love, Ahri

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    KineticIsEpic -

    Ever thought about making some form of compact ice-pack to put inside the mask? Don't know if there's enough room but that would really help keep the temps down.