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    Hi ya!! /(^ x ^)\

    Thank you for stopping by! So you want to learn how to make cleavage in your skin suit? Hopefully this guide can help you out!!

    So, just a tiny bit of history? Originally I was starting a new project where I wanted to show some cleavage but I didn’t want to show any of my actual skin ‘cause I’m kind of modest in real life about that, lol!! Mid-Western values and all. =)

    Anyway, I knew I needed to make some sort of skin suit and did a ton of looking and research on the internet and by luck stumbled upon Natsuki-San’s website on how to create cleavage! I thought, “OMG, this is perfect, it’s exactly what I’m looking for!!”. Also, total bonus, but since I was binding myself down and would be using silicone breast forms I could “reset” my bust line and really accentuate my figure to whatever size I wanted and really get that hour-glass shape without surgery or…
  • Let's face it, when it comes to Kigging - it can and will get pricey. This art form is not without its share of financial investment. What hobby or club do you know of that is "free" or has little monetary investment? Many sports incur some sort of cost like golf - shoes, clothing, golf clubs, lessons and green fees. Video gaming has a price tag - the electricity, the game system and controllers, the internet charges, the games themselves and the hundreds of hours spent in front of a screen.

    Between the different Kig cosplay outfits, the undergarments and its contraptions, the videos and photos to learn to mimic your desired Kigurumi character, the cost of attending various global conventions (travel, hotel stay, food, convention prices), and not to mention the coveted mask - Kigging can become an expensive adventure. Since this is my first exposure to the world of Kigurumi, I'd be lying if I told you that I knew how each of the masks are constructed and which is better. …