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  • Hey Kig people! I just want to have a heart to heart with you for a moment. Recently I got to have a chat with Cici, One of the Co-Owner’s, about the creation of this site

    I heard the History of Cici and a previous forum, and all the drama that went with it. I heard about how Things that start friendly can turn into a painful mess, and how Priorities can be skewed by personal problems and create drama for those trying to help. But I also heard about how friends can come together to make something beautiful and support one another! This is the most inspiring thing that I've taken away from this site. Even with all the drama that happens on other Social media Platforms, We can come together on this Forum to share Ideas and Provide support for one another. The fact that I can go through the forums without worrying if someone is going to attack my post or Shame my picture shares speaks to the fact that this is in fact a community, not an Elitist clique or club.

  • Hey folks! Nico, cici and I stomped around sacanime summer 2016, and here's the proof!

    The littlest misty:

    Gumi at the convention center:

    Streetwalking ;) :

    Food to go?

    There was anime:

    And western media:

    Gumi is tall:

    It's Nico!

    Clingy Nico:

    Bottom of the stairs:

    End of the con, Nico tired!

    Well, till next time!
    TTFN Rosie <3

    Photos by Rosie & Jesse
  • Anime expo, where about 98000 or so people gather to enjoy anime and merch. A confluence of cosplayers and fans of cosplay. This event is nuts, the sea of people is almost too much to take in.

    Even with this many people just the sight of Kigs the sea of people part like Moses said split.

    Still, the stoppimg every few feet can get tiring, even if you're getting attention

    And trying to divine which camera to look at is an art unto itself
    But some how we all seem to look like we knnow what we're doing.

    Well, some of us...

    Till part two,
    Rosie <3

    Picture 1:…e_anime_expo_2016_m14.jpg
    Picture 2,3: Myself
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