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    This is really cool. I'm gonna give it a shot at making this for my first mask (this isn't the first large scale printing project I've done so I'm feeling pretty confident). I did have one question: The models you provided have two tabs(?) in each eyehole, but they were missing in your construction images. What are those tabs used for?

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    Hello Everyone!

    Dani1 - - Introductions


    Hi! I've been lurking around here for a short while, so I figured that it's about time I made an account. I'm still very new to Kigurumi, but ever since I discovered it a while back I've been absolutely fascinated by it. ​I've been cosplaying for the past year and have yet to try Kigurumi (money has been tight for me), but I'm eager to get my first kig. ​I'm from the Sacramento area, and it was super exciting to see several of you at SacAnime today. Thank you all for the pics and selfies! It's n…