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  • Hey folks! Nico, cici and I stomped around sacanime summer 2016, and here's the proof!

    The littlest misty:

    Gumi at the convention center:

    Streetwalking ;) :

    Food to go?

    There was anime:

    And western media:

    Gumi is tall:

    It's Nico!

    Clingy Nico:

    Bottom of the stairs:

    End of the con, Nico tired!

    Well, till next time!
    TTFN Rosie <3

    Photos by Rosie & Jesse
  • Written by Sofa
    Photos by Sofa, Jesse, and HOSOn

    .......I don't like LA. It's hot and humid and you can't get anywhere because the drivers are shit. I don't like AX, either, because it's crowded and expensive and it's in LA. Thus, it was with some hesitation that I told my college geometry professor that I'd be absent for a few days surrounding 4th of July weekend, and much regret that I saw how much makeup work would pile up while I'd be at Anime Expo 2015. However, this was not to be a leisurely event. I had the obligation - nay, the opportunity - to help BAKA accommodate a guest from Japan, a kigurumi photographer of some clout. The problem would arise in that he speaks very limited English, whereas the most Japanese our group can collectively speak are such phrases as "I'm a pencil", all of which are spoken only by me.

    Day 0 - Wednesday

    The drive was about as eventful as one would expect - a 45-minute jaunt through the SF Bay Area's uninteresting urban sprawl…
  • Written by Sofa
    Photographs by various folks and crediting them all would take too much effort

    The following is a chronicle of Anime North 2015 - intended to be the largest gathering of kigurumi cosplayers in North America - pieced together from what bits of my memory I can scrape from off the inside of my skull. Please bear with me as I leave out entire sections of the event or replace them with blatant misinformation.

    .......Late May had rolled around. For me, that meant final exams. Anxiety hung in the air around me like my permeating body-odor, and my classmates could smell both of them. They thought they understood: Finals are a stressful affair, in which many fancy numbers on official-looking documents hang in the balance. Yet I wasn't concerned with finals. As far as I could tell, I had that shit in the bag. In fact, my putrescent emissions of worry were directed at what would come afterward, on Memorial Day weekend in Toronto, Canada.

    It's like what a fictional character…