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    Hi ya!! /(^ x ^)\

    Thank you for stopping by! So you want to learn how to make cleavage in your skin suit? Hopefully this guide can help you out!!

    So, just a tiny bit of history? Originally I was starting a new project where I wanted to show some cleavage but I didn’t want to show any of my actual skin ‘cause I’m kind of modest in real life about that, lol!! Mid-Western values and all. =)

    Anyway, I knew I needed to make some sort of skin suit and did a ton of looking and research on the internet and by luck stumbled upon Natsuki-San’s website on how to create cleavage! I thought, “OMG, this is perfect, it’s exactly what I’m looking for!!”. Also, total bonus, but since I was binding myself down and would be using silicone breast forms I could “reset” my bust line and really accentuate my figure to whatever size I wanted and really get that hour-glass shape without surgery or…