Kig Hair and Humidity!

      Kig Hair and Humidity!

      Hi All

      So, I have a question about humidity and taking care of your Kigs hair.

      Does humidity effect the Kigs hair? And, do I need to take any extra steps in caring for her and her hair, because of humidity? I know I need to brush her hair, and the general tips for taking care of her, but I was wondering if humidity added anything else.

      Thanks in advance

      Hey Kaga,

      Most high quality wigs are made of "Kanekalon" which is a brand name for a production that is heat resistant and tangle resistant.
      Since it is a synthetic product made from petrochemicals "plastic", it is basically a waterproof product. Humidity will affect it in the same way static electricity does. (I live in a very low humidity area of the country) It wants to frizz up and fly everywhere.

      What I've found that works out well for either cast is misting the fiber with a solution of 3 parts water and 1 part "Mane n Tail" detangler and brushing gently starting from the tips up. I either use a "comb" or a "detangling brush".

      For storage while not using the mask I cover the piece with a plastic bag. This does two things.
      1. It keeps the picking down (this is for those that can't help themselves and just have to futz around with the hair
      2. Keeps the dust off and stops contaminants from infiltrating the hair.
      The best thing you can do beside treating the hair is the maintain it just before use and just after use.