A looong "Hello"

      A looong "Hello"

      First of all I would like to congratulate all the administrators and members of this forum. I created the account a few hours ago and from what I've already seen, I could feel the warm and caring atmosphere that is here!
      It is a pleasure to send this "Hello". My name is Rafael (please call me Rafa) and this forum is the first contact that I am having with Kigurumi in the aspect "How to do it". There were very few times I used costumes and my interest in cosplay and things like that has always been more to observe, I never felt so much like doing it. However, since I discovered kigurumi, because I have always liked mascots and impressionist costumes, the realism , the effect of the production and the "giving life" to anime characters have enchanted me. It was only some time ago (I was looking at how Power Rangers masks could be made on Pepakura) that I finally wanted to find out how I could kill the urge to assemble my kigurumi.
      As you well recommend here, I am going slowly, and for more than one reason. The first, of course, is the lack of knowledge about where to start (and the readings here are already trying to help me with this). Especially because Brazil has very cool and agitated events, meetings and conventions about pop / geek / nerd culture, and even though I don't live in any big metropolis, from the photos I see there are almost no kigurumi in the animegao style (although pajamas are very visas).
      The second is that I still haven't decided exactly which character to play and I'm using that decision as a resource to help me with anxiety as well. I'm not that into anime and manga, so I'm starting from the aesthetic side. I initially wanted a blonde character, and, above all, she was not an adult. For all this selection I am using the AnimeCharactersDatabase website. After I further reduced the number of options, I go after the anime / manga of the characters that most caught my attention to see which story I connect with the most. This part of the decision is still important because even though I'm 28, I'm only 143 centimeters tal (LOL). I probably have Silver Russel Syndrome (I am not a “standard dwarf”, except that my bone development is stationed at approximately 14 years old). That is, I don't want to choose an adult character. The princess Emeraude of my avatar is just a character I like, just so I don't run out of any pictures ;)
      The last point is also the most limiting: in addition to the great problem that whole world is facing at the moment, Brazil is a terrible country to import things. Very very very high taxes, delay and lack of care, and more recently we are suffering a huge devaluation of the national currency (which is worth less than 1/5 of the american currency). From what I noticed here, masks in most cases are purchased and this is a path that I will need to circumvent, and I have seen that there are some solutions for printing in 3D (and elsewhere I have also seen about the use of Pepakura).
      That's it for now. Sorry for the huge text.
      Thanks again. :D :D :D :D :D
      Welcome and glad to have you and I too, am a practitioner of a rare genetic anomaly though I should let you know that by the aspirations of many in this community you can be considered quite fortunate FWIW. Given your economic situation, I feel for you and I'm not the expert here, but maybe crypto currency may help....'>......

      There are excellent mask makers. The part that should be under your control is the cosplay aspect and this nice lady offers an excellent beginner's tutorial:



      For those that want to know:

      Keep this in mind, in Hell the manager's name is Karen....'>......
      Thank you very much for the sweet welcome and all the information provided with your text. I didn't know Marfan's syndrome. I will check all links more closely as soon as possible.
      Thanks also for posting an informative link about RSS (maybe I should have done it myself, right? Lack of attention KKK) <3 <3 <3