Kigurumi & Cosplay - Social Distancing

      Kigurumi & Cosplay - Social Distancing

      COVID-19 has affected and changed everything. Kigurumi and cosplay is not immune to this pandemic and it has been changed.

      Let's discuss on how kigurumi and cosplaying will adapt to COVID-19, whether it ends soon or not.

      My thoughts:

      1.) Public Interaction - Stay at least 6 feet apart when posing for photos with individuals, avoid joining large social gatherings, don't dress up and go out when symptomatic or tested positive while asymptomatic

      2.) Sanitizing masks and outfits without potentially damaging them. The virus is known to live on surfaces for days.

      3.) Personal Safety - Face mask/covering beneath the Kig mask, which may or may not make breathing more difficult. Going solo without a handler (if non-household member). Be on the lookout to those who are defying against social distancing.

      Also, check to see if your local or reserved conventions have been cancelled and/or rescheduled. You may have to look into hotel and flight cancellation policies.

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      Given how difficult it can be to breathe in a mask, adding another layer under it seems like a bad idea. The issue is really around others wearing masks if they are sick but because of how it works, it's hard to tell when you've got it. The social distancing (6 feet apart at a minimum) sounds like the best way to keep yourself safe. As for sanitizing, it's been shown that washing clothes in warm water is effective against the virus. If the mask has makeup or sensitive paint, that may be damaged so I have no idea how you could do it in that case. I whole-heartedly agree with the rest of your thoughts and would like to add that any large gatherings are ill-advised for some time.
      Update 05/26/2020:

      We should probably accept that it should be okay and normal to demask in public in order to submit to temperature checks when attending public social events and anime cons. Also, I wonder if the kig mask is considered to sufficient enough to meet the requirements of wearing a face covering/mask when interacting with people, as long as staying at least 6 feet apart from each other.

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