Off-gassing from masks

      Off-gassing from masks


      I'm very new to this community and form of cosplay (and cosplay in general) and am looking to get started.

      However, I have some health concerns regarding the material that most masks are made of (fiberglass, polyurethane), along with the padding in masks (usually polyurethane)

      Fiberglass and polyurethane are known to off-gas and leech out chemicals into their surroundings, even after resin has cured. Normally I wouldn't be concerned, but the fact that the mask covers the face means that the gases produced will be directly inhaled.

      These gases are known to cause long-term health problems, so is wearing an animegao mask made of these materials safe?
      Kig masks aren't any more dangerous to your health than any other type of costume mask, there are way too many sealing layers above the core material for anything dangerous to come anywhere near your face. Also, the padding is usually made from the same PE foam as fursuits, and you will never have heard about anyone getting health issues from those (unrelated heath strokes from not taking a break aside).