Hadatai with markings?

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      I think I know what you mean. If the Hadatai is not stretched and you paint the tattoo, than later the tattoo is stretched when you put on the Hadatai. A solution would be to stretch the Hadatai as much as for example your arm would do. If you don't have the arm of a zombie lying around you can use something round with the diameter of your arm to put it in the Hadatai as support while painting. But If you want to know what to use for the tattoo i can't help you. sorry.

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      I have heard on one occasion of a zentai printing service, but the name of it eludes me... though just for arm markings is unrealistic.

      Also, even as a "tattoo" or inked into the fabric, it could bleed out and discolour the rest of the fabric during cleaning.

      I hope this information will help.
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      M-Drago wrote:

      Hey, is it possible to get an Hadatai with various markings like tattoos and other marking or do I need to put them on myself and if I do need to put them on myself, how do I do that?

      Example, the 01 on Hatsune Miku's arm.

      Hey yeah, I've tattooed a couple for my Miku hadatai and they came out great. The main thing is making the template or "frisket" the right size since the suit will stretch when you're wearing it.
      For pigment I used red acrylic right out of the tube using a frisket brush I purchased from Micheal's. the frisket was made from any type of clear plastic sheeting using an exacto knife.

      210616 tattoo.jpg

      The image is from my achieves dating back to 151121