Misk's Anime List

      Misk's Anime List

      These are just My personal Anime's that i recommend and will be changing :P so watch these first! people who have a list of 200 anime's...... u know who u are....

      1-Fate Zero
      2-Fate stay night unlimited blade works
      Skip Fate stay night- Personally its a piece of Crap in my opinion
      3-Andohol zero
      4-Yona of the Dawn
      5-Snafu my teen romantic comedy -Slice of life
      6-Log Horizon
      7-No Game no Life

      My Rankings are based off Art then story Then Enviroments :p so alot of u wont agree with my Line ups

      I didnt list Sword art online Cause its Sword art.... everyone knows it... if u havent watched it shame on u i Also suggest Fairy tail BUT its still going and long as shiet

      Ill add more and reorg as i see fit!
      One way in to Kig no way out :P
      my top 5

      Angel beats
      Sword art online (season1)
      elfen lied

      I also thinking for me personal the best opening song of all animes i did see/hear yet is still the second opening of "higurashi no naku koro ni kai" and the ending "dear you" are my absolutly favorite music of all animes.
      Happy halloween!

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      woooo an anime list page >:D might spend my time a bit in this section XD

      welp this is my top 10 anime <3 <3
      1. No game no life
      2. Mahouka koukousei no rettousei
      3. tokyo ravens
      4.one piece
      5. magi
      6. Grisaia no kajitsu(+ the others)
      7.minami ke series
      8. sword art online
      9. psycho pass
      10. GTO

      ye most of them are new, i do enjoy watching the very old ones but, i mostly watch the weekly release since that became a habit of mine idk why but ye