Sticky Who we are

    Hello and welcome to KigurumiOnline (Kig-O for short)...

    Who are we and why are we here???

    We are a collective of like minded individuals dedicated to the art of Kigurumi...
    • we are curious
    • we are fans
    • we are passionate
    • we are sensitive
    • we are contributors
    • we are performers
    • we are artists
    • we are Kigurumi
    All are welcome to be here, we welcome you with open arms to these pages. We hope you feel welcomed to learn, question, enjoy and contribute...

    To the newcomers to Kigurumi, you above all others are the most important members here! Without you we do not exist. Talk to the veteran members ask one of them to sponsor you, to help you on your journey into this, the most mystical and wonderful life changing world of Kigurumi.

    To our veterans, be an example of what Kigurumi is, not what it should be but, what it is to you and to your fellow veteran Kigurumi.