Does costume play mean you actually have to "do" somebody?

      Does costume play mean you actually have to "do" somebody?

      Let's kick off discussion on this board....... awright........

      What constitutes 'costume' anyway? When you are doing an original character or an original take on an established one. I see when going to a convention, any one, you are entering a Cathedral of Canon..... does this need a discussion?..........

      As we get further away from standarised representation or a modellised form, the gradients get fuzzy. What we have is originality, craftmanship and attention to detail - the goal being to vivify a personal vision. Is this enough?........ okay.........
      Keep this in mind, in Hell the manager's name is Karen....'>......
      I guess I would call a costume anything I personally don't wear on a daily basis and with the intention of appearing at events, cons, video or in photos, but that's for me personally. As I don't work at a typical cubicle type job, I'd consider dressing up in a snappy little dress suit in kig a "costume".

      Though of course this wouldn't apply to others and they may not even view my attire as a costume at all.
      Never can we please everyone, especially in this regard, rather, set your own standard and stay true to it.

      Do what you want to do and do it to the best of your ability! Whether that means just a simple yet well made outfit, or a fully customized fabricated cosplay with all the bells and whistles.

      Beam me up Scotty~
      for me a costume is just an outfit u wear albeit unusual, but a costume is a disguise to hid ones true self , u can wear "ale closes ad a trans gender female like me and i count that as na costume since i don't see my true self as male, , not all costumes are fun

      , a cosplay , a kigu , usually if its an oc can be a "costume" canon info or not, i see an OC as well a part of oneself set free, as with my Bleach OC, she's just my darker self , my darker emotions, given consciousness and powers in a specific anime.
      I saw a post on the cosplay subreddit the other day of Iron Giant and the most upvoted response was saying it was a puppet and not cosplay. I kind of agreed, because a puppet isn't really a costume (although it looked like it was attached to him, so I guess he was technically wearing it). Other people argued that it was cosplay, and it made me wonder if maybe cosplay is just the sort of thing you can't really draw a clear line between what is and isn't cosplay.
      To me, Cosplay is the enjoyable end of dressing up like a character, and enjoying following a general guideline of that characters personality and role because hey, that's why i would dress as any specific. Preforming to me simply takes it to the next level, can be fun for some but... In the end you must follow a much more strict set of how the character acts and responds.

      ...That may have dragged stuff away from the actual question, but that is what the first post, and subsequent ones made come to mind for me.
      the costume has more of a "play me" affect on myself~ since I become lost in the character, thinking this is more important to let the costume itself to direct the host into what mood or actions the host body takes... No matter if casual or cosplay each one an influence on how I act while inside the vessel~
      this is not saying I become a drone to the garment, but rather an emotion response is achieved.... rather pleasant actually~
      thats a good Question, I would say Skye wears "my" dressy outfits but her personality shines through. It may not be an Anime or other published character but Skye will always be Skye.
      Skye has outfits that "I " would never wear, it would just feel wrong on too many levels.

      Besides in any womans wardrobe there are clothes we have brought that are "dressing up" clothes and there are blobby day clothes that are things that I can hide behind or stand out. Its very much dependant on how I feel.I would almost go as far as saying when I put on a suit, pull my hair back and put on heels I am cosplaying a confident business woman because i dont always feel that way.

      Cosplay is what you make it, it can be terrible or it can be great. I would rather see someone put time and effort into it than just treat it like a joke.
      I never met a chocolate cake i didn't like.
      Really we could say that the everyday clothes we put on are costumes, our clothes define who we are and where our interests or tastes lies. To me however, I feel that cosplay is to wear a certain costume that is suppose to be of a certain character and then costume could be anything that your heart desires (and is maybe something that you don't or wouldn't normally wear).
      That's my purse! I don't know you!
      when i get into i watch every piece of the outfit get put on...i feel the characteristics flow and once before i put the kigu on i take a good look at myself...and smile feeling like the character except for the final piece which would be the cuteness that is the kigu...once everything is fully on i feel the character come to life through me, truly love it and enjoy every single moment.
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      He he, the transformation process is so exciting, I find that sometimes the anticipation and planning to be so exciting that when it comes to the event or photoshoot its almost anticlimactic. I geuss that would make it if I have not spent time planning an outfit, just threw it on then its not cosplay.
      I never met a chocolate cake i didn't like.
      How I feel about it... regardless of how you use your costume/mask/kig/'face', whether for convention purposes, friendly gatherings, sexual fetishism, personal satisfaction, et cetera et cetera; if the one in costume is enjoying themselves, then who's to say that it's weird.

      Maybe I strayed off-topic, but really, any sort of way you use a costume could constitute 'costume play', though some people would stick that more in the sexual deviants sort of category. XP
      Never have done "canon" character.
      My entire wardrobe is from so called "normal" shops and fleemarkets.
      I take costuming so you are wearing something for specific event. Event can consist even from youself.
      This way regular dresses eg. swimsuit, maid or OL dress transforms into costume.
      (Uh oh I hope i made some sense)