24-Hour Kig Challenge

      I'm still gonna try it someday though, once I get my kig.
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      BritKig wrote:

      You're in the same position as me: attention when you can't afford it. I'm two floors above ground in my building and one of my neighbours just keeps knocking when the mood strikes ("about stuff"), despite me making it clear that I don't want visitors outside certain hours unless it is a emergency. ||

      Not only that, and I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I probably could end up with something broken by daybreak due to tossing and turning in bed. I can only see myself holding out for around 16 hours at most but surely that should be enough to serve as training for convention-length outings; 12+ hours is still a feat right?

      I could lock my door, then only person who has a key knows I kig (hasn't seen it live though). But I sometimes get really bored in kig, so I had no motivation to try this. I've done 12 hours before, that was kinda fun.

      Lilykig wrote:

      I still live at home, so it'll be hard for me too, but i'll grab the chance if it presents itself

      Tell your parents ;)
      I told mine and probably could do the challenge at home if I really wanted. At home I have less things to do, so I'll get really bored though :D

      OrionStargazer wrote:

      What if you have type 1 diebeties? Would have to remove suit temporarily to give insulin/check blood sugers....

      I don't know enough about how you get your insulin, but you probably wouldn't have to undress completely if its at your arm. Should not be too big of a problem if thats only each ~2 hours or so.