Advice for licensing my own photos

      Advice for licensing my own photos

      After seeing Neko-Nico's post in gailblue's thread about putting images into the public view, I have just now been pondering on how I should license my own content or material for when my turn comes around in cici's queue. Also I did catch wind on this.

      The major points I'm aiming for is to:
      1. promote the adoption of the art of kigurumi cosplay
      2. protect the representation, integrity and reputation of the name/term "kigurumi cosplay" and the the societies that it represents
      3. have room for commercial interest that ensures I am (or we are) compensated for the efforts of producing my (or our) visual works
      I've been doing some brief weighing up and the closest match of a basis I can find is:

      CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

      Is anyone willing to share their thoughts on my approach? Am I being too strict?...too lenient?... Anyways, dying for a second opinion (or a third).
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      First off, only the last of your 3 points has to do with licensing/copyright. Promoting kigurumi via photography has more to do with distribution of the pictures, which is indirectly related to licensing (freedom license = more spread, which you already have covered seeing you're going the CC route). Your second point is a very sensitive one, worth a thread of its own. Personally, the only thing I think should be done is to keep the NSFW/fetish type content down low-key. The best (and most likely only) way to do this is simple: create quality kigurumi content. The creepy videos on YouTube will sink down if we fill the place with quality ones. Same for images. Attempting to police fellow kigurumi cosplayers and how the term is used makes it worse for everyone here, and will leave a bad mark on everyone who's trying to make things "better".

      Now, the issue @Renko mentions is a real problem, however once again I feel the answer is less, not more. Small watermarks can be edited out, and ones that can't will ruin the visual quality of your photo. There are hidden watermarks (I belive photoshop can do them) that you can use to help track your images, but even then they are only so valuable. Just keep in mind that kigurumi cosplay is a niche inside a niche - There's a near zero chance of anyone stealing your photos in the first place, unless they are really, really damn good. And even if it does happen, yeah it does suck, but just come to terms with it. Shit happens. Keep the pictures you want to use commercially away from the Internet, and you're good. Lastly, encourage proper use instead of scold people about it. Lastly, I think I covered this already, but don't put huge watermarks on it - this is photography, not a billboard!
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