What could I do to improve? First time buidling mask

      What could I do to improve? First time buidling mask

      HELLLO! First time posting here, I've been wanting a kigurumi for years.. I cannot afford one, so I'm going through the trouble of making my own.. I'm doing the cheap method that involves sculpting clay on a Styrofoam head and then making a papier mache mask.. So far I'm still in the clay stage and I know the base doesn't look right.. just wondering what I should do to get a better shape? I also know I need to add a bulge on top of the head for the hair but now sure on how to do that... I also am not sure how far the mask should be on the head.. And would it be best to make more of a flat area where the eyes will be and drill in holes and add over the eyes or cut out an eye shape on the final mask and insert eyes behind? Also, I'm hoping to make a mask that ends up looking like this :) imgur.com/a/Xrbc2 , my oc who is a seal girl.. Many thanks.. Here is picture's of the base so far: imgur.com/a/9stoH

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      As a rule of thumb SealPuff our masks are between 9 and 9.5 inches in width with a height of 11 to 12 inches depending on the character. Eyes tend to reside at 1/3 to the mid point point between the chin and top of the shell. eyes should be separated by 1 to 1.2 of the width of the eyes.

      The bulk you're talking about can be added later using .25 - .5 inch
      thick[/b][/i] urethane foam strips attached to the top of the shell. These can also form the back of the mask, extending down from the back of the mask to give the wigs mass at the rear.

      150324 primer 1.jpg
      Sculpting is fun and especially if is your first time.
      Remember to take your time and try not to take yourself too seriously. Rule 62

      And as always @SealPuff please don't hesitate to ask questions.
      I see a couple problems:
      1. It's just too narrow. Kigu heads for your type of character should be almost square.
      2. The corners are too soft and rounded, which makes it look a bit like an alien. Notice how in the (your?) drawings, her cheek/jaw structure is made up of almost straight lines with relatively small and sharp corners. It's more square than round.
      A picture's worth a thousand words, so here's a quick mockup I've made to give an idea:

      Besides this, you're doing great - the side profile is perfect. Making can be intimidating and quite tricky, especially when you're doing everything by hand like this, but if you stick to it you'll get good. Keep it up!
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      Welcome to the fun of Sculpting. I know your point of view as I am still working in clay on mine and had a few sets backs that included using the wrong clay for the purposes I needed as I am molding into silicone later to than make more than one copy of my mask.

      Listen to advice especially from those who make masks and keep pushing forward. The end is a reward worthy of the effort.
      Raven Ocelot