2018 Summer Northern California (Crunchyroll Expo + SacAnime)

      2018 Summer Northern California (Crunchyroll Expo + SacAnime)

      The upcoming anime conventions for the Summer 2018 season will occur at the same weekend, so plan accordingly.

      Crunchyroll Expo 2018:
      Date: Saturday, Sept. 1 to Monday, Sept. 3 (Labor Day Holiday).
      Location: San Jose Convention Center
      General information website: crunchyrollexpo.com/

      *If you haven't visited the first one that occurred in Santa Clara last year, I highly recommend that you check out this upcoming one, it's their second event after all (& be the first ever kigs to attend).

      SacAnime Summer 2018:
      Date: Friday, Aug. 31 to Sunday, Sept. 2.
      Location: Sacramento Convention Center
      Website: sacanime.com/

      Here is my recommendation if you want to attend both events at the same weekend, if the CR Expo is the more significant event for you:
      1.) Reserve Friday only ticket for SacAnime
      2.) Travel down either by car or ride Amtrak Capitol Corridor to San Jose at the same night on Friday and stay for the night at a booked hotel in San Jose.
      3.) Attend Crunchyroll Expo that runs from Saturday to Monday.

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      Just a heads up, CR Expo & SacAnime is quickly approaching within 2 weeks away as of this posting and here are some additional helpful information:

      If you are attending both events and traveling down to San Jose via Amtrak, take advantage of its discount program when travelling in groups of two or more and up to five.

      - Capitol Corridor Group Discount Info: capitolcorridor.org/group-travel/friends-and-family/

      Last train (No. 547) from Sacramento Valley Station to San Jose Diridon Station departs at 5:55 PM and arrives at 9:13 PM on Friday. However, train travel can be prone to delays so it may not be possible to attend the Kick-Off Party on time. Be warned.

      Also, be sure to ask the Conductor for free Transit (VTA) Transfers (each passenger), two of them for round trip to and back from downtown. Not applicable to Uber/Lyft riders at the station.

      Shoot me a message if you have questions and I'll happily be able to answer them.
      I just came back exhausted after 4.5 hour train ride from both anime conventions in Sacramento (SacAnime on Friday) and San Jose (Crunchyroll Expo on Sat. & Sun.). Crunchyroll Expo has greatly exceeded its quality compared to their previous first event. It really feels, that IMO, CR has surpassed SacAnime in terms of overall qualities. Sacramento feels like it's getting more boring than San Jose and it feels a lot more exciting over there than here.

      Unfortunately, I was unable to spot any kig cosplayers that attended both events from Friday to Sunday. It seems that animegao cosplay still hasn't been picked up in Sacramento & Bay Area except from our own Kig-O community.

      SacAnime comes back for Winter during the January 4, 2019 Weekend and Summer for June 7 Weekend. Summer is earlier due to planned renovations starting next year at the Sacramento Convention Center.

      Crunchyroll Expo 2019 returns on Labor Day Weekend.