Internal Mask Care?

      Internal Mask Care?

      I have a couple of quick questions which have made me wonder,

      1) What is the best way to keep the inside of the mask clean, smelling fresh but most importantly free from any mildew/mold or anything nasty? I'm pretty sure the sweaty environment inside the mask is perhaps ideal conditions for nasty things.

      Is there any sprays, or safe anti-bacterial sprays that could be sprayed inside occasionally to keep it clean?

      2) What is the best anti-perspirant to use for hadatai?

      I don't want to damage the outfit with anything harsh, but I'd rather not sweat too much either if possible.
      Answer to question 1.

      I use alcohol. Isopropel alcohol, rubbing alcohol, diluted to 10% with water in a spray bottle. Wipe the inside of the mask after use and spray generously. Let dry. I have also been told use vodka, diluted 1:1 with water.

      This kills the bugs which can cause the bad smells and disinfects the mask and padding for the next user.

      Answer to question 2.

      You obviously want some kind of antiperspirant which leaves no yellow stains. not sure if the Gel forms are better than the cake versions. One thing to try, is pick a feminine antiperspirant. The scent of flowers or such can help with the illusion.

      Just my 2 cents.

      I have some 91% Isopropel alcohol, so I can just mix that with water at a 90/10 ratio and just spray it? So far, she still smells nice and fresh but its only a matter of time and constantly usage that could change, plus I'm worried about how humid my place gets even with air conditioning Summer tends to cause issues.

      As for the antiperspirant , I'll have to check around for something that doesn't stain if such a thing exists? lol Thanks for answering the questions :)
      Is there really no good option for cleaning foam pads? Do you just have to take them out everytime to wash them?
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      Assume that we are talking about open cell foam like used in Seat cushions. Just like the foam padding inside your mask, you can spray them with a 10% concentration of rubbing alcohol or isopropenol, or a 50% solution of vodka. This will kill any bacteria that would munch on your sweat, causing bad smells. let the pads air dry.

      This is the treatment you use overnight when you are wearing pads for multiple days.

      Once you get the opportunity to wash them properly, fill your tub with soapy water. I use an antibacterial dish soap or hand soap. Submerge the pads and squeeze them so they are completely saturated with the soapy water. Squeeze that out and repeat several times.

      Empty the tub and fill with plain water. Squeeze the pads to rinse them out, until no suds are left. Squeeze them as dry as you can then lay them flat on a towel to dry for a couple of days. as the water settles, you can pick them up and squeeze that out as well.

      Closed cell foam is much denser. It can literally be thrown into the laundry on cool delicate cycle to wash. lay flat on a towel to dry.


      As far as antiperspirant goes, no woman wants her little black dress stained with a white residue from her deodorant. Neither does she want her white blouses stained yellow the same way. That's why manufacturers for Feminine deodorants go the extra distance to create formulas that don't stain. You just have to check the labels.

      Like I said the side benefit is that they usually smell nice and girly. That can be a bonus if your Kig girl is going to get close to her audience.

      I have it straight from a chemist who deals with this smell issue. Any commercial fabric freshener leaves too many chemicals on the fabric for it to be worn. He recommends any kind of Alcohol as long as it's mixed to 10-15% by volume. 1 cap of your Isopropel alcohol mixed with 4 caps of any water, though distilled water is the best, then sprayed till it soaks into the padding of your mask will work. You can wait a couple of minutes and then wipe the hard surfaces inside your mask dry. This solution is antibacterial and should not leave any smell behind.

      Of course if you wish to wipe down the inside of your mask with dish soap first to clean it, That's fine, just finish off with the alcohol spray.