Hi Everyone...I'm still new to KigurumiOnline.

      I really find this site interesting because even I garnerd my first kigu in May. I've been trying to find some things, mentors and tutorials all over the internet trying to see if they can help me out if I want to pursue making kigurumi masks/cosplay on my own :P. Though I got into this as a general fan of the Mascot Community. I really find kigurumi a beautiful example of why I love this subculture underground.

      Also...I really love being raised in the Port of Los Angeles throughout my life. The scenery is really beautiful and really f***ed up at the same time. While I'm working on developing my collection of kigs and mascots at the same time. These could be really a juxtaposition of where I'm at.

      Add to how I got exposed to Kigurumi in the first place. I actually witnessed a couple of kigs during my first convention at Anime Expo. Just like my reaction to a regular costume character, I gotten Goosebumps of the kigurumi culture. I was aware of kigurumi since middle school as my love for Anime began. But it did give me a boost. Seeing many people like Cici, Goukao, DAME (Charmine Kitsune) or any of it's veteran performers really motivate me of their own persona's and express themselves on social media and public. Hopefully in the future I can blend in, and be like everyone else.

      As I'm developing my artsy skills...drawing, sculpting, 3d-modeling, etc I really hope to push boundaries even more. You'll see

      Oh, I also do photography too. Fashion, portrait and crazy related stuff are my favorite photog genre's

      Thank You for having me being honored X3 :) ;) :P ^^ :D :* 8o :S 8) :rolleyes: :love: 8| :thumbsup: :thumbup: :whistling: :evil: :saint: <3

      PS: I lack communication very much when it comes to responding due to a disorder I have since childhood...so I don't know if I can be much of a help on any needs :P.
      MARS :P ^^ :D :/ :S X/ :rolleyes: :love: :cursing: :thumbsup: :sleeping: :evil: :saint: <3