Project Hikari (Budget kigurumi project)

      Project Hikari (Budget kigurumi project)

      Well here goes nothing. I guess it's time to unveil my kigurumi project. This is my first time making a kigurumi so please don't be too harsh with your criticism of what I do to make it but please point out any mistakes that I make along the way so I know what to improve on. So I'm going to be doing a kig of Dawn (Or Hikari if your from Japan) from Diamond and Pearl. So why did I chose Dawn? Well it's mostly because I instantly fell in love with her design when I first opened the manual of Pokemon Diamond and I found out she had gotten a winter redesign when Platinum came out so I could kig as her all year round. So as I was saying before that this is my first time making a kigurumi and it will actually be my first time seeing one up close. Now there is one rule that I set for myself, I am not allowed to go over $100 total (not going to include the cost of Dawn's outfit in there. Cheapest one I could find was $80.) I also set a personal deadline which is AnimeNYC (Nov 16). So wish me luck.
      In under 100$, this will be very hard.
      Especially when making first time, the material is almost that much. Hell, even the wigs will cost a big portion of that.
      I'd recommend saving up more so you can do it on a bigger budget.
      3D printing is also a thing, take a look at Floras OpenKig project, but that shape might not fit dawn
      I'm actually going to be using mostly generic and off branded things for it to keep the cost low. I've already got a wig and corset for around $14 thanks to one of those pop up Halloween stores opening nearby, I just have to straighten and style it. As for the hadati I found a website that sells a zentai that claims to be for kigurumi at a low cost. I'm modifying a template that I found on thingverse for the mask. As I gain more experience I'll upgrade from there but I feel like it's a descent place to start.

      Renko wrote:

      For hada, you probably should use cantillion.
      Could you send me a link to their site? I can't seem to find it.

      Anyway I may be able to do this on a low budget. Here's my list of items with prices.
      Wig: $19
      Corset: $14
      Hada: $25
      Padding (2inch foam): $8
      mesh: $3
      Paint: $13
      Sandpaper: $5
      ABS filament: $10 (I already have some in my workshop so I won't need to buy it. Just throwing it up for a price point)

      Note: Not factoring in materials that anyone should have like ink and paper for a regular printer.

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      I kinda guessed you didn't have a 3D printer yet (most people don't). Seeing you do, your budget isn't quite such a stretch, but maybe $100 for just the mask would be a better investment. Some points:
      • 9 bucks for your "wig" is going to be a problem: You generally need 2-3 wigs to cover a kigu mask. And I wouldn't even trust one wig at that price point. I'd ballpark around $25-$50 here. Another thing easy to leave out here? Hairstyling supplies. Those alone could run over your $100 budget quite quickly. Another thing to factor in is the fact your first mask probably isn't going to shine (or even turn out in one piece). You might need to take 2 or 3 tries before you get something that you're comfortable wearing.
      • While you can certainly get away with simply sanding and painting the 3D printed mask (as I did for the one in my PFP), the results from that are generally somewhat crude in terms of surface quality. Most makers will either use a filler material on the print or, most commonly, use the print to make a negative mold to cast a more durable and heat-resistant resin mask with.
      • You'll probably struggle getting something in one piece the first try, let alone something you'd be proud to wear in front of others - unless, of course, you have experience with things like prop-making.
      • I won't get into cosplay outfits here since I have no experience, but you're probably going to want one, and a good one will make your wallet a lot lighter.
      I don't want to discourage you, however. I think my kig mask ran well under $100 in materials, although I had a couple things on-hand already. Just want to help point out possible hidden costs that are often glossed over.
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      I don't exactly trust the wig ether but it's the only one that I could find that was the right color. I have bought wigs from that shop in the past and they're fairly good quality. Nowhere near pro quality mind you but good enough to get a decent amount of mileage. One that I bought from them lasted for around 4 years before it had to be replaced. Anyway the $9 was a typo. I meant to say $19 but my 1 key is busted and it doesn't work half the time.
      I think that with the single wig works fine as long as you make the mask a half-type, they are worn with the help of an adjustable strap and can be worn with any regular wig if you attach them with velcro.

      Above example is a Nukopan Di of that kind, it also saves material costs. Downside is that you can't do extreme hairstyles with half-type masks but that isn't needed with your choosen character anyways.

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      @ichigomomomya That may work better than what I originally had planed. I won't have to worry about not having any ventilation because of the hat covering the holes in the scalp ether.

      I'm still finding and gathering materials for my project. Not to mention that my job is currently slowing my progress significantly.

      Estimated date for completion: 9/31/18
      Once I finish it I may try that 24 hr challenge that I've heard about.
      Alright so here's a bit of a status update. I've just ordered my hadati from zentaitime and am currently waiting for it to arrive so I'll go over what I chose for my padding and undersuit. No pictures unfortunately because I don't have a working camera at the moment. So I guess I'll start with the corset. To make it quicker and easier to get in and out of my kig I went with one with a side zipper that I got from a popup Halloween store. It is an overbust one with a racerback so I won't have to worry about my breast forms slipping out of place. The padding is made from 2 inch foam from Minerva Fabrics here in Union. The mask is proving to be a little tougher than I thought. Replicator G keeps on reporting strange errors with the model...
      I am aware that I may be cutting corners a little but it's the best that I can do with my limited budget.

      Estimated date of completion: 10/31/18

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      Good news. The issues have been resolved and I can resume work on my kig. The bad news... Hard drive failure has cleared all my progress on the mask but I do have a picture about where I'm putting the slits for vision. It was a bit of a challenge due to the fact that the pokemon art style doesn't leave any good places for a wide range of vision but I think I have it so I can see a little to my left and a little to my right in edition to straight forward. I've marked the spots in pink.

      Kig mask eye hole.jpg
      Great to hear you can resume on your project.
      I took liberties to scale your design at 8 1/4" in width.

      I'm concerned with the port layout being too far outside of the useable viewing area.

      The small rectangle is set at 2 1/4 inches in width.
      The middle rectangle is set at 2 3/4 inches in width
      The third rectangle is at 3 1/4 inches in width
      The two small dark rectangles are the sweet spot for viewing straight on
      The larger boundary of the larger rectangle is right at the outside of usable viewing.
      As you can see with the current eye layout, you are way way outside of a useable viewing location.


      This is a common issue I've seen happen. While attempting to create a model or screen accurate design the usability of the mask itself becomes unusable.
      Sometimes form has to follow function and not the other way around. Not knowing the scale of your design I'm only making assumptions.

      I hope this gives you some guidance as I am 100% behind people making their own kigs. I also hope this won't deter you from advancing your project to