What age would you recommend getting your first kig?

      What age would you recommend getting your first kig?

      Should I take the plunge now or wait till Im older? 14
        Wait (10) 71%
        Go for it (4) 29%
      After lurking in the forum and discord for a couple months I can't wait any longer for buying or creating my first mask. Should I wait until I'm older (Currently 16 living with Mother and Father) or take the plunge now and hide it for as long as possible?

      I have the money to buy a half mask from muni muni as well as access to a massive industrial 3D printer at my trade school if I wanna go that route. I just wanna know yall's opinions on if I should wait or not :D!
      I’m old, really old, possibly as old or older than your parents, and haven’t been kigging long so I probably should be ignored. But I have to point out doing Kigurumi Cosplay is considered by many as more than a bit weird and it’s also rather expensive. Realistically I think you should wait until you have a place of your own and have a job that covers your bills and leaves you with a bit extra at the end of the month to indulge yourself with.

      That may take a while though, sorry.As for the mask, well I have actually 3d printed a mask and am currently (like as type) printing another. What’s your experience with this industrial printer? My masks take at least 40 hours to print on my home machine and that’s with breaking them up into pieces and printing fast with thick layers. I asked my software how long it would take to print the whole thing in one go with fine layers. It said six days, and its usually rather optimistic in its estimates.

      Now your industrial printer might be 2,3 or even 4x faster than my machine, but its still going to take a while. Can you use your school machine for that long? Are your teachers and fellow students going to be asking you about what you are printing? Then there’s the assembly, post processing, sanding, filling, priming, spray painting etc. That will take many many hours, have you got the time, space, tools and materials to do that? Also, where are you getting the original file? Make your own, are you an experienced 3d modeler? If not, you can learn, but it takes quite a while. Download a file from the net, I’m afraid there’s not a lot of choice (that’s why I modeled my own) out there or pay someone to model one for you? That, if you can find a willing modeler, is going to cost, probably more than a muni muni mask. And then there’s the padding, eye’s and eye brows and wig styling… 3d printing a mask is the cheap option, but its not just clicking on a button and having a mask pop out, there’s actually a lot of work, time and money involved, plus non negligible amount of artistry.

      Also consider the additional cost of the zentai, costumes, the under garments and padding if you need it…
      Thank you so much for the advice! I have read many of your posts about 3D printing in the past and it is an excellent resource for 3D printing and kig. I think the nail in the coffin for Printing for me is explaining to my peers as you mentioned. I'm sure I could make something up but the risk of people finding out I wanna dress like an anime girl isn't worth it to me especially living in South Alabama XD.

      I'm still considering the half mask from muni muni just because it seems like a good entry level and It's relatively cheap. I already have clothes and padding because I have always been a bit of a femboy and I have an older friend I can send the package too and pick up from him without my parents seeing it.

      OneSwoodKig wrote:

      I'm sure I could make something up but the risk of people finding out I wanna dress like an anime girl isn't worth it to me especially living in South Alabama XD.

      I doubt they would appreciate being scorned on what they're passionate about, so as far as I'm concerned they have no right of say in the matter.
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      Yoshikun wrote:

      I think earlier is better. I think at 14 - 16

      I agree. I was only 12 when I first found out about it and started to research it. And here I am all these years later making my own using everything that I've learned. I'm only 19 so I guess I could say that if your passionate about it feel free to dive in head first. I of course had to wait to be on my own because I know that my family wouldn't approve of this so I'm kind of doing it in secret. In fact no one that I've talked to offline knows that kigurumi exists.
      (I haven't been in the kig community for a long time, but i'll give my opinion. Oh, I don't have a kigurumi alias btw.)

      I'm 16 as well and got super, super indulged into kig-related topics when I was 13 or so. I think that you should wait until you have your life in control, you find a job that could sustain this hobby and passion; having a place where you could kig in comfort (eg moving first) and then start plunging into it.

      You should take BritKig's advice on body size, as well as consider the other aspects, like zentai, shapewear etc.
      I just posted! ^^