Hello from Pennsylvania, USA!

      Hello from Pennsylvania, USA!

      Hi there everyone! I'm kinda new to kigurumi, but I've known about it since high school

      IRL I'm a dude who deals cards at a casino for a living and has a beard and tattoos. A total man's man on the surface hahaha

      However, my preferred form is a girly kitty named Lucy! Though technically more of a fursuit than a kigu costume, this character's shtick is totally inspired by kigu culture, and in the future I plan on getting a traditional kigu head of Lucy, along with a kigu head of Enrique, my bunny character (which I already have renders of to 3D print in the future)

      The first outing I did as Lucy was actually very recent, it was at a Halloween fur meet. The head has a moving jaw so I'm able to speak, but I have a very deep male voice so it was funny seeing people's reactions when I spoke LOL

      I'll be honest, I've never met anyone else who's into kigu, and I would like to change that in the near future!
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