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      Instead of using a boolean modifier, have you tried manually selecting the vertices you need to get rid of in edit mode and deleting them? You might still need to clean things up but it should work. There's a paintbrush select in blender somewhere that can help but i'm not sure what the shortcut is. I'll try to find out more when I get back in.
      If a polygon has smooth shading enabled then Blender will try and make the flat polygons look rounded. It does this with algorithms such as Phong or Gouraud which average the normal across the polygon and calculate the light based on that instead of calculating the light off a normal from the polygons surface. Light is promotional to the cosine of the angle between the normal and the light source.

      The problem with this is they won't come out like that when 3d printed and you'll get a very angular model, for 3d printing smooth curves you needs 1000s of polygons. A common way to get this is with sub-div surfaces. This uses an algorithm so subdivide each polygon several times to get a curvier, smoother shape. I've used this for my masks and other models

      Look at your other thread I believe your mask is done this way also. What it looks like is its got a large number of sub dvis, mirror, Booleans and other operators on it, possibly too many and its getting confused. Boolean operators are always a little dodgy.

      I would take a copy of your file and on that remove the operators so its down to its basic polygons. Then make sure as many of them are 4 sided as possible (4 sided polygons sub-dvi better than 3 sided ones), then remodel the vertices around the eyes to make your eye shape. After that you can cut out the polygons in the eyes. Then re-apply the operators to get a smooth shape. You might have to play with edge creases and Sharp edges to get the sub div to do exactly what you want it to.

      If you could link me the Blender file I could have a go for you.

      I really wouldn't try to burn them out after printing, it will make a mess.

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      Downloaded, oh... Its not very nice. I don't think it would actually print, its not manifold. That plus the geometry is nasty (IMHO), polygons have to flow and you have to try and keep to quads.
      ON thingverse there were no pics of a printed model and no builds, that usually a sign nobody, even the creator, has actually printed it.

      Anyway I had a play with it, removed all the Booleans and other modifiers and got down the base mesh and worked on it from there. Then mirrored and sub-dived it
      It did have a number of extra holes etc in it for straps I assume, those can be put back later. But I did leave the cooling holes in the top

      It needs more work, I'll have another play with it tomorrow
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      Well that explains the errors that Replicator G was talking about. Strangely enough Makerbot Print said everything was fine but there were these strange spikes coming from the top where the vents were. My guess is that that’s where the Boolean modifier was even after I cut out the top and back to make it a half shell. I had to upscale it because the model is only two cm long. Now I just have to wait for the printer to finish. Mine is broken so I have to use a community one at my workpl
      I noticed the scaling issues. If you want to 3d print a model from Blender what you HAVE to do is change the scene units to Millimeters and then you can build to scale. When you export it to STL and load into a slicer it one blender unit will become one Millimeter and all will be good. I've re scaled the model so it's approx 27cm tall.

      I'll convert it into a half mask and see if I can't get it to look a bit more like the character and try and upload it somewhere you can get at it

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      Right there you go

      I've attached the file in a zip to this post, so you should? be able to download it
      I've tried to make it close to the character as I could in this short time. Its got a mirror and sub div modifier on it, you can adjust it with them on, but if you want to do serious remodeling I'd drop them and just work on the basic polygons. In case of total rework I'd delete the back polys too and just work on the shell and then apply a solidify modifier when its all good.

      I've export the STLs into Cura and it thought they where fine. You might want to break up the mask to print, meshmixer is good for that. Ears will have to be printed separately and attached after.

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