Lucys kig set up

      Lucys kig set up

      Not sure if this is correct forum but what the hey

      I use a really cheap set up wen it lucy from my undersuit to my mask

      My kig mask is from a aliexpress vendor called sexybaby store cost £200 and its looks amazing maybe abit small for my head but not too noticable

      My skinsuit was a blunder got it from dame kigurmi for £120 and zipper broke after first use and holes been popping all over maybe i just got a poorly made one or there under compansaded my size so if u are to get a costom made suit get a size bigger for wiggle room

      I made my own hip pads from a sheet of styrofoam its the cheapest way to go but really time consuming come good videos online on make them

      I use a 2 waist trainers 1 for my belly and 1 for me upperbody for reasons i will get to there wer about £14 each

      I use a shaping underwear with gaff that comes up to below my bust to slim the belly down cost £14

      I use padded butt pants enhancer which i use to give my bottom a rounded look cost £9

      i use a underbust corset to tighen my waist line which cost me £90 only issue with mine is its abit short so when its.tight the fat from my belly spills over the top so the wast trainer i use on top helps keep it all in check

      Cant forget about the chest
      I use size silicone E breast forms for my bust which slot into my bobysuit cost £37

      Kig mask £200
      Skinsuit £120
      Hippads £10 for materials
      Waist trainers £28 for both
      Butt pads £9
      Corset £90
      Breast forms £37
      Total spend £484
      So thats my set up not for the more experienced kigs but its a good start im.still working on different shapewear to improve my lool