The Animegao Circle Official T-Shirt

      The Animegao Circle Official T-Shirt


      The register is now officially open for the first order of The Animegao Circle's official t-shirt.

      If you wish to register, please message me privately either here on KigurumiOnline, or via a direct message on The Animegao Circle's Discord server with:
      1. An email address* (required for PayPal invoicing, payment and delivery information/preferences at a later stage)
      2. Garment size(s) and quantity (sizes can be viewed on this page)
      * For security reasons, order enquiries will only be replied to via the original contact method used.

      The garment supplier has indicated that the back zipper graphic will be smaller than illustrated; this is due to equipment limitations.

      The designs of this shirt are not ironed or printed on but with embroidery, helping to prolong the lifespan of the garment.

      To keep the cost-per-garment down, the first order will only be placed when the total garment quantity is at least 10. The option will be offered to delay your order to allow others to register to bring the costs down further (subject to supplier stock levels; if more garments are ordered than there are available, those who ordered sooner will be given priority).

      The closing date for this order is 12:00 UTC, June 1st, 2019.

      1. All correspondance, including the provision of delivery address information, must be done in English.
      2. Registrants will be billed in British Pounds Sterling (GBP).
      3. Refunds will be offered on a case-by-case basis subjected to, but not limited to, the condition of the garment upon delivery and discretion. Returned garments for refunds for incorrect sizes will be offered minus shipping costs.
      4. The right to refuse service is expressely reserved.
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      Administrator of supporting service The Animegao Circle on Discord.
      There has been a change of situation.

      I have learned that the supplier I'm using has a merchants store.

      I have aborted this order in favour of allowing people to buy shirts on-demand without having to go through me for them; furthermore, it will likely be cheaper because it would cut the part out where it has to be received by me first then I send it to you.
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      Administrator of supporting service The Animegao Circle on Discord.